Aegis Partners is a full corporate service provider, that employs online cloud systems and personalised advices in its corporate secretarial, accounting, tax and HR services.

We provide consulting and professional services to start-ups and SME. These include all rounded advisory services for your business, including compliance, corporate secretarial, accounting, tax and business advisory. We specialise in incorporation in Singapore and Vietnam, and also assist in expanding businesses regionally in Asia.

Apart from working with SME businesses, we also offer advisory for new entrepreneurial start-ups by providing competitive market rates.

Aegis Partners has worked closely with many startups programs and incubators. Our diverse clientele includes SMEs and deeptech startups. We solve a multitude of business problems, ranging from fixing technical issues to advising founders.

To bring convenience to our clients, Aegis Partners specialises in optimising records and filing through online cloud systems. This increases efficiency and accessibility for our clients to retrieve required documents they require.

With our experience and passion, we aim to be your most trusted business advisor.

Our Motto and mission

Not just System Driven, but Service Driven.

Coupled with cloud technology to replace the traditional approach in corporate services, we are driven to provide personalised and effective advices to resolve clients' issues.