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[HCM] Startups to Save the World: Vietnam edition

The Hungry Talks joins WeWork to celebrate founders whose mission is to empower people and communities. We look at how startups are educating the future, shifting resources and transforming lives in society.

Featuring a round table of Asia leaders and innovators on how we can build solutions to some of the hardest issues in manpower. Join us for an exciting and substantive evening of food, networking, and engaging talks from entrepreneurs, investors and change makers.

Gustavo Liu

Gus is a former private banker turned entrepreneur, who has worked with business owners of all sizes globally through out his career in finance. He is a global citizen, passionate storyteller and fluent in five languages. He is passionate about solving world problems, building better businesses and resilient entrepreneurs by pushing boundaries to think broader, break out of their comfort zones, and create a lasting impact through better solutions to global issues.